As we struggle with the current restrictions implemented to protect us all, remember that God is always with us, even if it does not always feel that He is!  We are all experiencing feelings of fear and foreboding while coping with the threat of COVID-19. 
God and Jesus have faith in us, so let us be people who stand together by the cross as people of faith.

If you need help, support or just someone to talk to, please contact one of the Pastoral Care workers or the Church Office 9435 5266.  Please note that the office is only manned a couple of days a week at present, but if you leave a voicemail we can get back to you sooner.


Peter and John Before the Sanhedrin – The healing of the beggar is the talk of the town and the council cannot believe Peter’s explanation of healing through Jesus Christ, even after His death.  But Peter speaks while filled with the Holy Spirit! 
Christianity is a lay movement and the important Gospel work, then as now, is generally carried out by ordinary people in everyday life.  Remember, Peter and John were only fishermen.  Resistance to Christians has always occurred, with some being quite brutal.
Join us online as we share our faith, trusting in salvation through Jesus and Him alone…. … More SUNDAY SERMON


In light of the current COVID-19 viral pandemic, ALL programmes on church grounds are postponed until further notice.

Advice from government health officials is to reduce social contact as much as possible and we have a duty to protect everyone in our community.  New developments will be assessed and acted upon as they arise.

All Sunday planned messages and speakers will go ahead, live via Zoom, recorded and uploaded to the church website and FaceBook page for you to access at home.

The church office will remain open, (with possibly reduced hours but will be monitored remotely) unless advised otherwise by Diocese or government directives.
For further details contact the church office on 9435 5266 (voicemail available). … More ALL SERVICES AND MIDWEEK PROGRAMMES POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE