As we struggle with the current lock-down imposed to protect us all, remember that God is always with us, even if it does not always feel that way!  We are all experiencing feelings of fear, frustration and foreboding while coping with the threat of COVID-19.
God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have faith in us, so let us be people who stand together by the cross as people of faith.

If you need help, support or just someone to talk to, please contact one of the Pastoral Care workers or the Church Office 9435 5266.  Please note that the office is currently closed but is being manned remotely, so if you leave a voicemail we will get back to you. … More CONTINUE TO HAVE FAITH


The Choosing of the Seven – The early church was growing like wildfire and the workload becomes stretched so some work gets missed.  The apostles ask the people to choose seven from among themselves to do the practical work so they can concentrate on prayer and preaching.  The main qualification is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to have spiritual wisdom. 
The apostles blessed them by the laying on of hands, (as we continue today) conferring authority on them and the Spirit’s power for their tasks.
Join us online as we share the growth, strength and endurance of the church and how we integrate our faith into our daily lives…. … More SUNDAY SERMON