Less than a month after the miracle of the Red Sea and the Israelites are already complaining! Complaining against the Lord’s anointed is complaining about Him. The truth is often hard to hold on to when we are tired, hungry or unhappy. God provides manna and quail for the people to eat, yet they soon forget the wonder of God’s gift. How do you respond when God intervenes for you? We must recognise that what God provides is enough for our needs and be thankful. Not recognising this is slavery from which we will never be free. Come and join us as we continue to glorify God with and through Jesus…. … More SUNDAY SERMON


This is the usual pattern for our Youth at All Saints during school term time. For the 2nd and 3rd week theme and / or location check out our Facebook page at For further details contact Janie Beasley on 0413 901 997. … More YOUTH AT ALL SAINTS