Christmas and Easter

Matthew 21:1-11 “The Triumphal Entry”
Sunday 5th April, 2020
Preacher: Bp Kate Prowd

Matthew 27:45-56 “The Death of Jesus”
Friday 10th April, 2020
Preacher: Bec Hayman

Matthew 28:1-10 “The Resurrection”
Sunday 12th April, 2020
Preacher: David Fuller

Matthew 28:16-20 “The Great Commission”
Sunday 19th April, 2020
Preacher: David Fuller

Isaiah 9:1-7 “To Us a Child is Born”
Sunday 29th November, 2020
Preacher: Joy Sandefur

Isaiah 11:1-5 “The Shoot of Jesse”
Sunday 6th December, 2020
Preacher: Ann Anderson

Isaiah 28:16-19 “The Cornerstone”
Sunday 13th December, 2020
Preacher: David Fuller